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Read our latest posts.



Growth Journeyspirituality

How can embracing wisdom lead to our evolution?

What happens when a brilliant scientist trades her microscope for ancient wisdom? Dive into the captivating story of Sarah, a San Francisco researcher who discovers that true fulfilment lies beyond scientific breakthroughs. This thought-provoking article…
Growth Journeyspirituality

Does our environment support our transformation ?

Just as flowers need specific conditions to bloom, humans require the right surroundings to flourish. This essay explores how our environment shapes our growth and potential, inviting you to reflect on the conditions nurturing your…
Growth JourneySciencespirituality

Transformation : Key lessons from butterflies ?

Uncover the secrets of transformation, both scientific and spiritual, through the metamorphosis of a butterfly. What can this remarkable journey teach us about our growth and potential?

upcoming events.

upcoming events.


Conscious Evolution

Hyatt Regency Denver 650 15th Street, Denver, United States

Unlock the power of your consciousness to reshape your destiny in this exclusive program. Bruce Lipton's ground-breaking research in cell biology has shaken the world of biology; coupled with Gregg Braden's exploration of ancient wisdom and modern science and most importantly their close friendship, this event will help you better understand and change the interconnectedness between you and your world.

Get Tickets £149.00 – £699.00

TCCHE Toronto 2024

Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites 5875 Airport Rd, Mississauga, Canadá, Toronto

Join us and a group of like minded souls on a three-day journey like no other. From science to spirituality, some of the greatest teachers in the modern era will all be here to boost your wellbeing, optimise your opportunities and to change your future for the better.

Get Tickets £142.07 – £1,099.00 580 tickets left

online courses.

online courses.



Gabor Replay

Gabor Maté Based around Dr. Maté’s new book ‘The Myth of Normal’, Dr. Maté will be exploring Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture more info

Inner Alchemy

Zulma Reyo Learn how Inner Alchemy can completely transform your energy, your purpose, and the lives of you and the people around you for the better. more info

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