We create unique events and transformational online training programs from internationally renowned speakers, best-selling authors and mystics to allow you to thrive!

Our unique events blend science and spirituality, giving our students stimulating and inspirational productions that enrich their lives.

Are you ready to start your journey?’


  • Q1I haven’t received my confirmation email?

    After booking you should receive a confirmation email from TCCHE, a ticket and a ticket with QR code on it. These will be sent to the email that you entered into our system. We recommend checking your junk mail folder first and checking to make sure you entered your current email address. If paid using PayPal, the confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with your account. If you’ve changed your email since, you will need to contact us to amend your email so that the confirmation and tickets can be sent out to you. NO PHYSICAL TICKETS ARE SENT OUT IN THE POST. If you need more help, reach out to us through the contact page.

  • Q2Why do you charge for entrance to the events?

    To make our events takes our staff a lot of time and organisation and our speakers devote their time to researching and updating their programs to bring you the latest information for you to enjoy. We also fly in speakers from overseas, provide accommodation and hire venues, all of this is not free and we simply can’t construct our events safely and support our team without income from ticket sales.TCCHE Ltd is a non-profit company and profits are used for charitable purposes. We understand that some people are in difficult financial situations and we recommend www.meetup.com as a good resource for free events.

  • Q3Can I transfer my ticket?

    To change the name on your ticket, reach out to us via our contact page and we will amend this on our system. This is free of charge

  • Q4What is the refund policy?

    The refund policy varies from each event and we expect you to familiarise yourself with the refund policy before booking. No refunds will be available 30 days prior to the event.

  • Q5I’ve lost some property at one of your events?

    If you’ve lost property at one of our events please contact us through the contact page. If the request is urgent we recommend contacting the venue the event was located in as our office can be closed for up to 5 days following an event.

  • Q6How can I speak at your events?

    If you’re a speaker or want to recommend a speaker, reach out to us through our contact page with information about your recommendation.

  • Q7How can I get an invoice?

    Invoices are available through the members section that you will have access to after your booking is made.

  • Q8Can I be an affiliate for your events?

    Yes sure, if you’d like to be an affiliate please reach out to us through the link in the footer and drop us an email and we will be able to provide you with more information.

  • Q9I would like to get in contact with one of the speakers at your events.

    We’re unable to provide contact emails for all of the speakers but if you reach out to us through the contact page we will do our best to forward your request to the speaker or a member of their team.

  • Q10I’ve lost details about the venue and schedule

    Please visit our website for details of the venue and schedule (where available) or reach out to us through the contact page.

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