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Want To Know How Our Affiliate Programme Works?

Sign Up as an Affiliate by Filling in your Name and Email.

Fill out the form to access the affiliate program.

Receive and Promote the Material.

Once your affiliate application is approved, we will send you the corresponding content so you can promote each of the courses we have available.

Get Paid!

Earn 25-30% commission by transforming lives with our amazing courses!

Benefits Of The Affiliate Programme:

25-30% commission.

Completely free advanced course material.

Promotional content.

Personalised attention.

Follow-up of your customers through the platform.


What is the Commission Procedure through TCCHE's Free and Advanced Courses?

Once their application is approved, each affiliate is sent a UTM link assigned exclusively to them. When customers buy the advanced product after the free course, they will be automatically registered in your system thanks to the UTM. It’s important to note that the free courses do not generate commission, only the advanced ones.

When and how do you Receive the Commission from the Affiliate Programme

At TCCHE, we have a 14 day guarantee period in case the students decides they want a refund. So long as this is not requested, you can expect your commission 30 days after the start of the course. Don’t forget to tell us where you want to receive your commission! (Paypal, eBank…)

What are the Requirements to Sign Up to the TCCHE Affiliate Programme?

There aren’t any special requirements! The only thing we want to know is that those who share the TCCHE material respect our values as an organisation as well as each of our members. We would love you to be part of our mission in making our students journey of spiritual growth as exciting and as engaging as possible.

How Do I Access the Bonuses? Will you Send content to post on Social Media?

Once your application for membership has been approved, you will be able to download and a variety of materials we have for promotions. This includes emails and social media content.

Do I have to Pay a Fee to Join the Affiliate Programme?

No. The TCCHE affiliate program is totally free.

How Should I Manage the Promotion of a Launch?

There really is no fixed rule to manage the launch of a course. TCCHE can give you some advice on how we do it, however, it’s advisable to send 2 or 3 emails a week during the promotion period. 

Interested? We Look Forward To Hearing From You Below!