Eckhart Tolle – Rester conscient face à l’adversité

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Staying Conscious In The Face Of Adversity

A 5-Lesson Online Course to Guide You Through Challenging Times


Staying Conscious In The Face Of Adversity

(Course Duration: 5 hours 48 minutes approx)

The world has shifted over the past few years, and the changes we’ve faced have been challenging for everyone. 

These challenges show no sign of stopping, either. 

In fact, it seems like just as we’ve overcome one hurdle, along comes another! 

This has left many of us feeling exhausted, helpless and somewhat lost. 

Spiritual phenomenon and bestselling author of The Power of Now and A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle, strongly believes that we each have the power within us to use these challenging times as a catalyst to spark the most amazing journey of our lives… our own spiritual awakening.  

In this life-changing 5-lesson online course, Eckhart will equip you with the secret tools and techniques you need to unlock the power of your consciousness – making sure you feel reenergised, replenished reinvigorated, and ready to face any hurdle in these challenging times, and indeed, for the rest of your life!

Discover The Following:


“When the ripple recognizes its true nature as the ocean, that is a magnificent thing.”

- Echart Tolle.

Lesson Summaries

Here’s what to expect from each amazing lesson:

Module 1: Life Is Challenging For Most People. 

Module 2: The Difference Between Reality And Mental Creation. 

Module 3: All The Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind Are Not Who You Are. 

Module 4: Life Has To Become Difficult In Order For Evolution To Happen. 

Module 5: The Role Of Adversity. 


We seem more anxious, more fearful and more unhappy than ever before. The challenging circumstances we’re living in certainly do not help, (neither does the false narrative of people projecting supposedly ‘perfect lives’ on social media). 


But if we can step away from our preconditioned belief systems, and take a step back, we can become aware that our unhappiness is not down to other people, and it’s not down to our circumstances, it’s down to how we choose to view the world.  


Learn The Following: 

  • The three different types of adversity you will experience in your life. 
  • How you have been conditioned to believe a certain ‘script’ about yourself since childhood. 
  • How happiness cannot coexist with the ego.   
  • Where your unhappiness is most likely to derive from.  
  • How you can separate your unhappiness from the situations you find yourself in.  
  • If humans did not experience adversity, we would not evolve in consciousness. 

Module 1: Order And Chaos Are A Necessary Part For The Evolution Of Life. 

Module 2: Being Born into Chaotic Environments. 

Module 3: How Buddha Embraced Adversity.  

Module 4: The Material Brain 

Module 5: How To Live more Consciously.  


In Lesson 2, Eckhart discusses how disorder is just as important as order is – a case in study is Buddha – whose early life was so untroubled, that is had little meaning. It was only when Buddha left is comfortable surroundings and witnessed the struggles of the everyday man that Buddha found his true purpose in life. 


Eckhart also delves into the material brain, and touches on the fact that if you rely on the outer world for your happiness – then fear will never be far away. 


Learn The Following: 

  • How and why order and chaos are essential for your spiritual growth.  
  • Why the chaos of childhood has a lasting effect adulthood.  
  • The story of Buddha and the inspiration we can take from that. 
  • How to not be at the mercy of the thoughts that come into your head. 
  • How to detach yourself from the good and the bad things in the world for a more joyful existence.  

Module 1: Become Aware of the Present Moment: A Small Practice. 

Module 2: Knowing When to Turn Off Your Devices! 

Module 3: You Can’t Hold The Lid On A Boiling Kettle For Too Long. 

Module 4: Effective Action Does Not Arise Out Of Fear 

Module 5: Your State of Conscious Determines Your Life.  


Eckhart starts Lesson 3 with a small practice in living in the present moment. Notice your thoughts – are they damaging or peaceful? Eckhart goes onto examine the negative impact social media could be having on our mental health and our spiritual evolution.  


You’ll also learn how to stop thinking fearful thoughts – even if they don’t want to stop!  


As Eckhart goes more in-depth, you’ll find out that beyond your thoughts, is your essence – and this is the true you. 


Learn The Following: 

  • Learn how to listen to the thoughts you are having.  
  • Learn what Eckhart thinks about social media. 
  • Learn about the horizontal dimension and the vertical dimension.  
  • Learn how will-power alone will not stop destructive thoughts.  
  • Listen to Eckhart answering a collection of questions from followers worldwide.  

Module 1: Why Is It We Can Be So Reactionary? 

Module 2: How To Not Be Reactionary To Opposing Opinions.  


Join Eckhart for the penultimate lesson as he continues to answer questions from his followers. 

Namely; Why we can be so reactionary and what we can do about it, and; how NOT to be reactionary to people who have opposing opinions so us when we want to do is speak our truth. 


Lesson 4 is an important study in how we can overcome ego-driven reactivity.  


Learn The Following: 

  • How awareness can give us a choice in our reactionary impulses.  
  • How our ego can take on many reactionary forms.  
  • How a lack of energy can affect the consciousness.  

Module 1: Familiarising Yourself With Death 

Module 2: The Physical Self Is Not Who You Are 

Module 3: How By Connecting To The Source, You Can Heal Others.  


In the final lesson, Lesson 5, Eckhart covers a topic we’re all familiar with, but rarely talk about; death. 


For many of us, death is the ultimate fear, so how do we escape fear when it comes to this sensitive subject? Eckhart walks us through his personal thoughts on life and death, and how we should not fear death, but learn to accept it as part of our journey.  


Additionally, Eckhart ends on how by simply being present can deeply affect others in a beautiful way.  


Learn The Following: 

  • Learn most fears are by-products of the fear of death. 
  • Learn Eckhart’s personal views on death- and why he does not fear it. 
  • Learn how when we turn into our awareness, other people will begin feel its benefits simply by being in your presence. 


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Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring and visionary spiritual teachers in the world today. With his international bestsellers, The Power of Now and A New Earth—translated into more than 50 languages—he has introduced millions to the joy and freedom of living life in the present moment. The New York Times has described him as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States,” and in 2011, Watkins Review named him “the most spiritually influential person in the world.” 

Take the next step in your spiritual awakening, unlock the secret tools and techniques you need to unlock the power of your consciousness today!

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