Come and explore the emerging physics that is transforming the way we think about ourselves, and our relationship with everything around us. For almost two decades physicists have been looking for the source of dark matter and dark energy. The current conventional equations only predict 4% of what we see making up our universe, the rest being an unknown substance described as dark matter and dark energy.

This year, physicist Nassim Haramein has for the first time applied his holographic equations to the universal scale, predicting the exact critical mass of the universe, thus removing the need for dark matter and dark energy. This new equation tells us something vastly different about our universe, cosmogenesis and ourselves.


The source of Consciousness has been a fundamental mystery since the beginning of time. As we advance in our understanding of the universe and ourselves a new picture is emerging. It is becoming clear that there is a fundamental field of information that is the source of all the material world and that permeates everything. Come and explore these new groundbreaking findings. Nassim Haramein will be presenting these new results in the exploration of the source of consciousness and demonstrate some of the technologies that are emerging from them.

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Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein is a world leader in unified physics.

He has spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, in addition to anthropology and ancient civilizations. These studies led to his groundbreaking theories, published papers and patented inventions in unified science, which have received worldwide recognition.

From these discoveries, Nassim founded the Resonance Project Foundation in 2004 – now known as the Resonance Science Foundation. As its current Director of Research, Nassim leads physicists, mathematicians and engineers in exploring unification principles and their implications in our world today and for future generations.

Nassim launched the Resonance Academy Delegate Program in 2014 in order to bring the learning and community further together. It’s the first and only unified physics program of its kind, educating thousands of students from over 70 countries.

The Connected Universe, a feature length documentary film, was produced based on Haramein’s discoveries and their potential for generations to come.

Nassim is currently guiding the Foundation, speaking to audiences worldwide, and continuing his groundbreaking research.


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