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Gregg Braden.

Lesson Summaries

Here’s what to expect from each amazing lesson:

Look At The Bigger Picture And Figure Out What’s Best For You:


300 years of scientific assumptions are being overturned. As a consequence, a new world view is emerging, a view where it’s becoming more and more apparent that there’s a steady relationship between our mind, our bodies and the world around us. 


Technology is battling to distract us from and copy our natural capabilities, our raw talent for rejuvenation and self-care. Gregg brilliantly illustrates that he’s not anti-technology, but he’s pro-human. He wants us to reconnect with the capabilities we all have and that most of us have forgotten. You can activate your untapped potential anytime you want!


What You’ll Discover:


  • How human hearts have a field of information surrounding them.
  • The purpose of the heart’s ‘brain’ and why you should trust it. 
  • Why we are designed to self-regulate our own biology.
  • That we have a sophisticated internal technology that we can access anytime.
  • A guided heart/brain affirmation practised for thousands of years. 

The True Power Of Gratitude: 


Fact: Humans are the only form of life that can harmonise two organs to make one system! 


In lesson 2, Gregg highlights the close relationship between the heart and brain concluding that when they are aligned, magical things can occur….


Gregg examines the many benefits of heart/brain harmony, including

  • A direct access to super quick intelligence. 
  • A high-resilience.
  • A super-immune response. 
  • The secret of life longevity…


You’ll also learn about the magnetic fields that surround Earth and how you can tune your body to harmonise with these frequencies. 


Lesson 2 ends with a simple three-step heart/brain harmony exercise that has been practiced by shamans, monks and yogis the worldover for thousands of years. 


It’s time to optimise your body!


What You’ll Discover:

  • The three steps of Heart/Brain Harmony and how to harness it. 
  • Tune into your heart’s wisdom using the Heartmath™ System.
  • How to tune into the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field and the benefits of being in this frequency.
  • The 3 steps to heart-brain Harmony (HBH) – shift breath, shift feeling, shift focus.
  • How to mobilize the following emotions to control the heart brain harmony:


Gratitude – Appreciation – Care – Compassion.

How Human Hearts Have A Field Of Information Surrounding Them:


Now we really get going! 


In lesson 3, Gregg reveals the amazing feats he’s discovered in his many years working within quantum physics. 


Each planet in our solar system has its own unique magnetic fields. Perhaps what’s more fascinating is that so does each heart (including yours!) 


These fields are all connected, and therefore influence each other all the time.


This is why it’s often remarked that you get what you give, because what you put out into the universe, you get back. 


Gregg weaves in compelling tales regarding his many travels around the globe, including his enchanting visits to remote monasteries and how some monks achieve a brain state that reflects an almost divine state of deep consciousness. 


Additionally, Gregg uncovers the importance of listening to your heart for answers. 


Thinking from the heart means there is no judgment, and you’ll get to know this as you are walked through the process by Gregg personally. 


Are you ready for some answers? 


What You’ll Discover:


  • How to ask your heart a question.
  • How to listen to your heart’s response.
  • How to understand the unique language of the heart – (The heart answers different for everyone – thoughts, feelings, images)
  • The newly discovered brain states (Hypergamma/Lambda) as used by Tibeten monks. 
  • How these brain states give us access to super memory, super perception, super recall training.

Your creative soul brings creations into the world:


Lesson 4 is simply mind-blowing! Here’s why: 


Gregg begins by examining the laws of physics, clarifying the laws in great detail, and how magnetic fields fit into these laws, and more importantly, how we fit into this system.  


What’s particularly intriguing is how all of our creativity is pulled out from this field. Be it creative writing, business ideas, problem solving, painting, even songwriting; the ideas are there for our taking! 


Our job is to manifest these ideas out of the field and into our heads, and then into our realities. 


It may sound difficult, but don’t worry, Gregg is on hand to tell us how we can do just that. 


As if this isn’t enough, Gregg closes by sharing his extensive insights regarding the beginning of humanity, and exposes the truths about our powerful DNA…


What You’ll Discover:


  • How everything we have built technology-wise is what is missing from who we are.
  • How HBH reduces stress hormones after 3 minutes by around 23%.
  • How your creative soul brings creations into the world via the ‘field.’
  • How not one piece of evidence has ever been discovered to support the evolution of humans.
  • How human chromosome 2 is the relic of an ancient DNA fusion of two ancestral chromosomes.

Shift And Reset Your Charged Motions:


It’s time to get real! 


We’re tired of the people in power giving the rest of us problems to deal with, aren’t we? 


We’re Ready For A New Way; A New World! 


It’s time to reconnect with our beautiful Earth and the magnetic fields it transmits to us all. 


Luckily, Gregg Braden is here to help us do just that!


In Lesson 5, Gregg discloses some intelligence the people in power don’t want us to know: 


Humans are NOT the product of a random Dawinian process. Something unworldly, something devine happened to our chromosomes to make us the powerful creatures we are today. 


The question is; are you ready to know the mysteries surrounding you and your body?


Furthermore, Gregg ends lesson 5 exploring the perplexing world of human perception. 


You’ll get to take part in a stimulating visual exercise of perception that has to be seen to be believed…


What You’ll Discover:


  • How teachers are required to teach false assumptions of obsolete science due to modern laws.
  • How the hate we see in the world today is because of how we are taught to think.
  • How Science tells us we have 3 types of memory: 


Immediate (short term) 

Working memory (medium term) 

Long term memory.

  • How honing our recall skills makes us very perceptive in life.

When we’re children, we learn things by mirroring the people around us (primarily our parents). 


Gregg notes how our exceptional mimicking skills are only possible due to our aptly named mirror neurons, and how these are crucial when it comes to brain/heart coherence, and attracting what we want for ourselves. 


Dust Off Your Guitar Skills!


Gregg introduces us to a young girl who is a wizard on the electric guitar, which she learnt all by mirroring…


You’ll then learn about the heartening story of the Tibbetan Sidda, Milarepa, and Gregg’s journey to the very cave where he performed miracles nearly a thousand years ago. 


(Unbelievably, there are still visual reminders of these miracles within the cave, which Gregg shows within this lesson!)


Gregg completes lesson 6 by emphasizing the power of direct affirmations. 


The universe won’t act upon your affirmations (be it money, happiness or love etc) unless you feel like it’s already yours. 


Want to know how you can attract anything you want into existence? 

Get stuck into lesson 6!


What You’ll Discover:


  • How HBH is only the beginning. Just by doing HBH your immune system is stronger, longevity enzymes are activated, you have greater resilience and greater heart-rate variability.
  • How HBH changes how you can respond to stressful situations.
  • How Your brain does not know the difference between watching something and experiencing something (Heart racing watching a football match)
  • Accessing mirror neurons with HBH opens incredible potential.

Did you know you’re the only form of life that can consciously choose to become younger on a genetic level


Isn’t that amazing?! 


By repairing the telomeres on the end of our chromosomes, we can intentionally reinvigorate our cells, essentially halting the aging process. 


Gregg not only delves into the molecular process behind this miraculous rejuvenation, but also the secret techniques we need to put this into action and to feel and look younger! 


Following on from this, Gregg talks about how stress is a major contributor to ageing, and how we can use the brain/heart harmony method to send stress packing! 


Lastly, Gregg finishes off his most groundbreaking course to date by providing you with a formula to help you live your best life…. Not to be missed…


What You’ll Discover: 


  • Learn about Milarepa’s teachings and the impossible feats he would perform in front of his students.
  • How Being in HBH puts us in an altered state of consciousness.
  • How the ‘field’ is the bridge between realities (internal and external).
  • How In the quantum field, all possibilities exist.
  • Every organ in our body can heal itself.
  • Feeling as if something is already happening makes it become a reality.

The better you know yourself, the less you’ll fear yourself:


Sometimes life isn’t always kind, is it? 


For example, a lot of us have lived through some kind of childhood trauma, and a lot of us just don’t have the tools to deal with it. 


Heck, some of us have trouble processing trauma at all.


In the final lesson of Gregg’s pioneering course, you’ll get to understand that although we may not be able to change the past, we can consider our past through brain-heart coherence. This will completely transform how you view the pain you’ve had to endure along your journey and will help you overcome and accept your personal traumas.


What You’ll Discover:


  • How A heart/brain coherence can help you to finally dissolve trauma. (Guided heart/brain meditation included).
  • How you can use your thoughts to heal from stress.
  • How you are more than you ever imagined…
  • How the better you know yourself the less you fear yourself.
  • Gregg’s secret tips on how to stay young. 

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