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Si has comenzado tu viaje espiritual como si ya estás bien familiarizado, TCCHE organiza seminarios web semanales que te ofrecen expandir tu conciencia. 

Desde la atención plena, la ciencia, el bienestar y el misticismo; tenemos a los principales maestros del mundo, autores de best-sellers, psiquiatras, científicos e increíbles guías para tu desarrollo que te ayudará a progresar en tu camino. 

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Each of our guest speakers have been carefully selected for their pioneering work within spirituality and its sub-sections such as: science, mindfulness, humanities, mysticism and will cover subjects as diverse as heartmath, inner alchemy, meditation, breathing work, relaxation and lots more! 


These webinars are for anyone who wants to improve the following areas of their life:

Health of the mind and body.

The ability to think positively.

The ability to handle stress in all situations.

Or simply, if you have an interest in spiritual learnings and you have the desire to deepen your understanding so that you reap the amazing benefits spirituality can bring!

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