Science and mathematics have brought mankind out of the dark ages of bound superstition to a state where man could think for himself and assess and understand phenomena of his environment with a free and open mind. However, the perceived great scientific achievements of the past 200 years also guided man away from his spiritual origin with sometimes devastating consequences. Realising this narrowing field of view even scientists begin to subscribe to a new more open approach to science called post-materialistic science.

Divine providence in the first place initiated this explosion of scientific knowledge but at the same also realised its consequences. To caution humanity in handling this newly given “toy”, an extended explanation was given to mankind by the Austrian prophet Jakob Lorber between 1840 to 1864 called the New Revelation (NR). Unfortunately has this all important work been greatly ignored by the churches as well as mainstream science for too long. It is the aim of this presentation to first reconcile some present-day scientific knowledge with statements made by the NR already decades and centuries before the actual discoveries by science. The focal point is a comparison of scientific findings regarding elementary particles and astronomy. It will be shown that it is not so much the physical particles but the inherent intelligence of everything that makes the universe tick.

For man to understand his surrounding it is pivotal to first understand himself. For how can man understand his environment if he does not understand himself? The discussion centers around the spiritual anatomy of man consisting of a physical body, a soul and a divine spirit and the interaction and purpose of these living entities inside us. In the greater context of God’s plan with creating man and subsequently the universe, some common misconceptions regarding God, heaven and hell will be discussed. Upon this foundation we seek to explore the answer to the three most important questions of life: Where are we coming from? What are we doing here? Where are we going to? The answer to these fundamental questions of life lead to a holistic framework in which the Creator educates man to become His equal, irrespective of how long it takes.

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