In every situation we approach, we can do it wracked by anxiety, insecurity and ego, or we can do it with resilience, peace and joy. Of course, the second way sounds great, but how do we get there? Everyday conscious experience can seem like a Gordian Knot – positive and negative thoughts and feelings, reactions, and baggage intertwine and tug on each other. It can feel impossible to make progress, or even know if we’re making progress.

This talk will explore how we can free ourselves by pulling the right thread first: by examining the “why,” the motivation behind what we do and how we direct our lives. We’ll learn to recognise three universal categories of motivation and how we subconsciously prioritise them. Leveraging everything from the spiritual experiences of one of history’s greatest scientific minds, to the way organic systems operate, we’ll come away with simple, effective tools for tapping into a happy, productive way of being that’s both new but so fundamental that even the cells in our bodies are structured according to it!

Curtis Childs is the host and producer of the weekly program Swedenborg and Life, which has accumulated more than 7.5 million views and nearly 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. Curtis has appeared on numerous spirituality-themed talk shows and has had his content featured on the Dr. Oz show. He works with his team at the non-profit Swedenborg Foundation to create simple, effective inquiries into life’s biggest questions.


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