The first expression of each individual, everywhere in the Universe, either in spoken word, silent thought or feeling is “I AM”, recognizing Its own conquering Divinity. When you think of the expression “I AM” it means that you know you have God-in-Action, expressing in your Life.

Many people have asked themselves: How can I make permanent contact with God? The truth is, you never lost it, because the moment you recognize and accept fully, “I AM”, as the Mighty Presence of God in you – in action, you will have taken one of the greatest steps to liberation.

In his talk, Reto will share his personal experience and practical application of the “I AM” Presence and affirmations. He will explain how we can expand the Light in our own Heart’s Flame and contact God-in-Us through the “I AM” Presence in all things. As a representative of the Saint Germain Foundation, Reto will cover the simple yet powerful teaching contained in the books of the Saint Germain series. In his speech he will also cover the power of visualization and the power of feeling and the spoken word.


For more than 25 years, Reto has been studying and searching for the purpose and truth in Life. As a representative of the Saint Germain Foundation, a non-for-profit organization and world-wide activity, he has been teaching and lecturing on the “I AM” for over 15 years throughout the world. He is a certified trainer and coach working with individuals in the business world and politics, as well as having his own tech startup in the area of artificial intelligence and psychology.


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