This talk will combine science and spirituality in a greater view of the human reality. From the arithmetic power of the genetic code showing that it could not have been created by chance and mutation, (Vladimir Sherbak), to the biophotonic and acoustic coherence of its superconductive states allowing for DNA quantum computing, (Fritz Popp and Peter Gariaev), we realise that we can no longer think of ourselves as 3-dimensional beings of matter but must embrace our reality as hyperdimensional transducers of light literally processing informational states from higher dimensions, (Burkhard Heim).

As predicted by The Keys of Enoch, (Dr. J.J. Hurtak), a key feature in this process may be none other than sound that has recently been shown to possess the unique property of “negative gravity” or negative mass. Can we bring the body back into a state of weightlessness as the Shroud of Turin seems to show for the Light Body of Christ? Can we sing our DNA into higher states of energy and order?

This talk will show how the ancient understanding of toning and higher vibratory states of the light body, is a knowledge that is coming back to humanity in terms of physics and quantum biology.

Researcher Ulrike Granögger has been lecturing for 20 years on perspectives of bringing science and spirituality together based on the best-selling book The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak. She has worked with Russian Prof. V.P. Kaznacheev and Dr. A.V. Trofimov of the Institute of Anthropoecology in Novosibirsk and was scientific editor of their English publication (titled Reflections on Life and Intelligence) of experiments on the consciousness effects of the “Kozyrev Mirror” and the epigenetic effects of the “hypo-magnetic chamber”.

Extensive research has been carried out with Hartmut Müller on the interscalar model of the universe that shows a mathematical interconnectedness of all scales of matter-energy, from the cosmological to the biological down to the interactions of subatomic particles. She has lectured in Cairo, Egypt with the group of Dmitri Pablov (Hypercomplex Systems) looking at the nature of pyramidal spaces.

In her workshops she links science, Eastern and Western scripture and meditation to teach a transformative experience for the human mind, at the same time warning of the subtleties of “mind control” and an impending “transhumanist” future.

Ulrike is a leading member of J.J. Hurtak’s Academy For Future Science where she has been involved in the translation and publication of numerous titles based on biblical scriptural studies and the cosmology of The Keys of Enoch.




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