Trauma Attachment And Resilience




A Free 7-Day Online Summit In Hope of Providing A Better Understanding Of Trauma And Attachment Theory.

The live summit will begin in:

18th to 24th April 2022

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Some people are unaware they have been through a traumatic experience.

In fact, it can lay deep in the psyche for years…

And sometimes, it’s only years later that we suddenly think:

‘Hang on, that thing I experienced, that was pretty traumatic – maybe I need to process it before I can move forwards in my life?’



TCCHE have proudly partnered with Quantum Way on this free summit to deepening the understanding of trauma and the sequence of events it can have throughout a person’s life. 

The mission at Quantum Way is to bring together the world’s best resources in psychology, personal growth and mindfulness to as many people as possible, in order to help survivors on their path to recovery.

“We want to discuss trauma and it’s causes and effects, disseminate new ways of addressing it, give a voice to trauma survivors, and de-stigmatize mental health by generally raising awareness of this issue which constitutes a very real societal challenge.”

Quantum Way

With this summit on Trauma, Attachment and Resilience, our aims are to:

Discuss trauma and its causes and effects.

Disseminate new ways of addressing it.

Give a voice to trauma survivors.

De-stigmatise mental health by generally raising awareness of this issue, which constitutes a very real societal challenge.


Joe Dispenza & Dawson Church

How to go from a state of suffering to one of well-being, how to foster resilience, and what gets in the way


Rollin McCraty

Heart-Brain Synchrony: A Key to Emotional Balance and Resilience

Gabor Maté

The Hungry Ghost: A Biopsychosocial Perspective on Addiction, from Heroin to Workaholism


Eric Binet

Suppressing Crying: An Early Relational Trauma

Daniel Zagury

Grand Criminals and their Traumatic Past

Esther Perel & Jack Saul

Past Trauma and Moral Injury: the Impact on a Couple’s Relationship

IFS Richard Schwartz

No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma & Restoring Wholeness

Chris Germer

Trauma, Shame, and the Power of Self-Compassion

Rick Hanson

The Practical Neuroscience of Spacious Awareness


Jean-Michel Gurret

An Update on Energy Psychology in the World in 2022

François Louboff

Attachment & Dissociation: At-Risk Parenting Behaviours

Ravindra Ranasinha

Healing through Dramatherapy

Stephen Porges

Challenging Times for our Nervous System

Dan Siegel

Healing Connections and Cultivating Growth through Grief

Lissa Rankin

Sacred Medicine: Might Treating Trauma Reverse Chronic Disease?


François Le Doze

The Therapist as a Secure Attachment Figure at the Core of the IR Model (Relational Intelligence)

Simon Whitesman

Truth & Reconciliation: the Promise and Perils of Navigating Mindfulness and Trauma in South Africa

Laurence Carluer

Psychotrauma and Neuroscience

Margeaux Feldman

Writing Trauma and the Body

Frank Anderson

Substances and Addictions: Healing Wounds or Stopping Use or the Neurobiology of PTSD and Dissociation

David Treleaven

‘Being with’ or ‘Working with’: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Practices for 2022


Olivier Piedfort-Marin

Meeting a Client Is Meeting Oneself / When the Therapist’s Own Attachment Issues Influence How They Work

Muriel Salmona

Traumatic Memory

Melissa Watson-Clark

Working with Racial Trauma. Tools to Reset, Restore and Regain Peace

Sonia Gomes

Insecure Attachment vs Restoring Resilience through the Haptic Perception Human System

Maggie Kline

Brain-Changing Strategies to Trauma-Proof our Schools and Communities

Trudy Goodman

Life Blooms in the Midst of Suffering


Bruno Humbeeck

Parents and their Children: Screen-Related Trauma and Cyberbullying

Deirdre Fay

Trauma as a Modern Day Bodhisattva Training: the Power of Psycho-Spiritual Healing

Menes La Plume

Far from Home… Surviving Far from Home. Suffering and Resilience at the Heart of Exile

Jenn Turner

Embodied Healing: the Practice of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Linda Thaï

The Transgenerational Impact of Forced Migration 


Lucie Nérot

Movement Resources & Resilience: Experiential Workshop

Magali Zambetti

“Your Sister’s Great!” – When Down Syndrome Disrupts and Transcends Siblings

Agnès Grossmann

The Childhood of Criminals

Boris Cyrulnik

New Families: How to Build Secure Attachment in Stepfamilies


This exclusive online summit is a chance you don’t want to miss! 

Featuring more than 35 guests, all experts in their field, this opportunity is for health professionals, anyone involved in a support relationship, and the general public alike.

Whether you are looking for cutting-edge techniques to deal with the processing of trauma, or are interested in the psychology of trauma, attachment and resilience, this FREE summit is FOR YOU!

What You Need To Know And What You Can Expect:

    • Trauma, Attachment, And Resilience is A FREE 7 Day Online Event.
    • It will stream live from the 18th to 24th April 2022.
    • You can expect to hear professional talks from 35+ experts in their fields.
    • Subjects will include the understanding of trauma, different types of trauma, how to break free from the constraints of trauma, the study of Attachment Theory, attachment wounds, Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal theory, Somatic Experiencing EMDR, EFT, Yoga, Mindfulness,… and MUCH more.
    • 36 live interviews during which our experts will answer your questions (available in French and English thanks to simultaneous translation).
    • Over 40 hours of essential content.
    • Dozens of techniques, exercises and tools shared to enrich your practice and your understanding of trauma and of insecure attachment.




How and when can I access the summit?

Before the start of the summit you will recieve an email with all the details needed to access the live summit on Zoom. 

Will replays be available?

The live summit is 100% free. Replays will be available for purchase. 

Who can sign up?

Anyone can sign up 100% for free and is for anyone interested in psychology and more particularly in the issues of trauma, attachment and resilience.

What language is the summit in?

The summit is available in French and English thanks to simultaneous translation.

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